Well and Septic Inspections

Our well and septic inspections meet all FHA Standards and our inspectors are North Carolina certified. With Precision Home Inspection, Inc., a well and septic inspection includes evaluating and testing every major component to ensure each system is functioning properly.

Your well & septic inspection includes:

  • Probing and evaluation of leach field lines
  • Checking for past or present leaks
  • Inspecting the leach field for sogginess
  • Tank interior inspection if lid is accessible
  • Water quality testing including certified lab results
  • Full testing of all major components of each system

septic drainfield


Tips for maintaining your septic system:

  • Do not put too much water into the septic system; typical water use is about 50 gallons per day for each person in the family.
  • Do not add materials (chemicals, sanitary napkins, applicators, and so on) other than domestic waste water.
  • Restrict the use of your garbage disposal.
  • Do not pour grease or cooking oils down the sink drain.
  • Make a diagram showing the location of your tank drainfield and repair area.
  • Install a watertight concrete riser over the septic tank to simplify access.
  • Have your septic tank pumped approximately every 5 years.
  • Maintain adequate vegetative cover over the drainfield.
  • Keep surface waters away from the tank and drainfield.
  • Keep automobiles and heavy equipment off the system.
  • Do not plan any building additions, pools, driveways, or other construction work near the septic system or the repair area.

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